At Tower Commercial Mortgage, You Are NOT A Number

The beauty of a boutique commercial mortgage brokerage firm is that we can offer you attention, customization, and options that will actually help.

Why? Because we care about our clients (YOU) and bring quick, personal service.

Whether your objective is financing with a low interest rate, low debt coverage ratio, cash out refinance, or high LTV we strive to help you reach your financing goals.


That means we…

Professional handshake


focus on people and relationships


offer quality personalized service


match clients with the right lender for them and their property


negotiate the best mortgage terms for your situation

How We Help

We are perfectly positioned with 15 plus years of banking practice to create a smooth and enjoyable experience for you across the entire commercial mortgage process from application, through underwriting and funding, and loan servicing.

Our independence allows us to build strong unbiased relationships with lenders as well as clients allowing us to aid clients in obtaining the financing that is right for their project. Relationships with many lenders make this possible.

Access An Extensive Network

Our key contacts in both banking and commercial real estate create an extensive network of professional connections that provides you access to the most discerning finance professionals in the commercial real estate industry.

With Tower Commercial Mortgage, your loan request gets pushed to the head of the line—in front of the very decision makers you need to hear your loan presentation in order to have your request approved.

Enjoy An Easy, All-In-One Experience

We use our expertise to make your experience easy and enjoyable. We work for you and will do everything we can to ensure a smooth process.

  • We gather all your property information necessary.
  • We analyze and prepare a professional proposal for the best lenders.
  • We collect, assess and advise on all offers, negotiating any terms and conditions.
  • We work with you and the chosen lender to arrange and close the financing.

Our Expertise, Your Vision

Our sole purpose is to help you find the commercial financing you need to construct, finance, or refinance your properties and ultimately, to help you build and manage the commercial real estate portfolio of your dreams.

What does that mean to you? To build or acquire commercial properties and help you build a commercial real estate portfolio of your dreams. (as you build that portfolio, your wealth grows and that fuels everything else).

Questions? Click the button below to contact us and determine how we can find the best financing option for you. There’s no obligation. Get a free quote today.

Let us help you make your vision a reality