Our People

Mike De Carlo


As the Founder, Mike De Carlo offers his clients a smooth, easy experience and helps them secure customized financing for their commercial properties. Mike knows how difficult it can be to find financing on your own and has taken measures to alleviate this process entirely.

Relying on over 15 years of banking experience, from bank examiner to bank executive, his insider experience offers his clients a unique understanding of the underwriting and approval process for commercial mortgages. As such, Mike knows the entire commercial mortgage process from application, through underwriting and funding, and loan servicing.

Also thanks to his many years in banking, Mike is able to offer his clients exclusive access to a network of key contacts he’s developed—both in the banking and commercial real estate industries. This exclusive network of connections provides his clients access to the even most discerning bankers and professionals, which often moves his clients to the head of the line, quickly securing loans.

Known for his down-to-earth attitude, positive demeanor, and strong work ethic, Mike’s focus begins with integrity. A dedicated professional, whose priority is solely focused on the client, Mike brings an unequalled ability to understand and interpret the right markets and provide project specific, custom financing options.

He’s made his home in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley in Utah which allows him to pursue his love of cycling, golfing and skiing. At the University of Utah he holds three degrees—Organizational Communication and Economics—and a Master of Real Estate Development. Most of all, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Clients find him to be a great resource, a connector, hard working, and an honest friend.