Best Package Delivery Management Services

What is package delivery management?

Ask any onsite property manager or leasing agent and they can give you a good definition of a package delivery management system. Basically, it provides residents with an efficient, convenient, secure way of receiving their delivered packages. With greater use of the internet to purchase most anything, it becomes more important to deal with all the incoming packages ordered by residents. Some residents may just have their stuff delivered at work or another location. But being able to safely have packages delivered at the property provides residents with peace of mind. So offering package lockers with emails that are sent out when parcels are delivered is a value add in many locations.

Millennials, in particular, value this amenity when searching for a property, but really it is any tenant that buys stuff online and has it shipped to their apartment. It creates what is being called package anxiety because of the potential theft of the package if they are not home when it actually arrives or they get home late and the property management office or leasing office is closed. According to the NMHC/Kingsley first-ever survey on package delivery, it ranks second on their list of sought after amenities.

It could also be argued that a good package delivery management system could reduce operating expenses because of the staff’s time that has to be devoted to managing and storing the incoming packages. A package delivery management system is more critical in larger high-rise properties, and could be an important amenity for garden style properties too.  In any case, during the holiday season, a package delivery management system can leave residents feeling grateful indeed.

So what can you do?

It only makes sense to have a system for managing package deliveries. So I have tried to find some reputable products that are designed to solve this problem of all the incoming packages. Here are a few solutions that you should find helpful.

First,are Parcel Pending and ActiveBuildings EGG. These two companies have this problem figured out! It is self-operating and eliminates any contact with your property manager or leasing office. Residents are able to receive their package essentially 24/7 after it is delivered and they are notified when it arrives so they know it’s been delivered at the locker. These are most fitting for the garden community properties. High-rises typically already have central delivery and a storage room, whereas garden communities do not. So lockers make sense for that property type.

Second, is Notifii. They are a software company providing a partial solution. Think of it as a centralized mailroom that sends out push notifications when packages arrive. They do not provide a device to store the packages. So you’ll still have to have storage space (as you will with parcel pending or the EGG) but, you will also have to figure out the security and who will operate the physical storage. Not as easy for this to be “maintenance free.” For smaller properties or garden community properties this might night be a good option because of the lack of storage space, but it works well for high-rise.

Third, storage lockers from USPS. These are lockers, called gopost units located at convenient locations to accommodate a busy lifestyle. The Postal Service is currently installing units near certain Post Offices, grocery stores, pharmacies, transportation hubs, shopping centers and more. The downside is two things, it’s not an onsite amenity and it may not be available near the property or even in the city for that matter.

Fourth, Amazon storage lockers located near the property. The great thing about this solution is that it is an offsite service provided by Amazon– no cost nor fuss from a property management perspective, but it has the same downside the USPS lockers.

While there are many others, I have tried to highlight the various types of package delivery management options available. The costs range from expensive to free, and the benefits are zero to a highly sought after amenity. I hope you’ve found this article helpful. Below are a few links to other articles that might help you when researching this important issue.

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